AHMA Elections

The AHMA board consists of six patient officers and five medical professional co-officers from our parent organization, the American Headache Society:

  • Chair and Co-Chair
  • Immediate Past Chair and Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Chair-Elect and Co-Chair-Elect
  • Vice Chair and Co-Vice Chair
  • Secretary and Co-Secretary
  • Treasurer and Co-Treasurer

The patient officers are charged with the business of AHMA and carrying out the wishes of the AHMA membership. The co-officers serve on the board to advise and support the patient officers. Patient officers are elected by you, the AHMA membership; the co-officers are appointed by the American Headache Society President.

Our Chair-Elect spends his or her term working closely with the AHMA chair in order to be well prepared to assume the chair at the end of their term as Chair-Elect. Thus, when it comes time for our elections, we are electing four people rather than five:

  1. Chair-Elect
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
Officer Job Descriptions:

To know if you're interested in being an AHMA officer, you'll want to know the duties of each officer. Please read them HERE. These descriptions also include an estimate of the time commitment for each office. You'll notice that the descriptions say that our officers should attend our annual conferences, which is where our annual membership meetings take place. We realize that the expenses of the conferences can make it difficult, and that shouldn't prevent interested and qualified people from serving on our board. We've therefore just set in place a policy that covers most if not all of the travel and hotel expenses for board members who need financial support to attend the conferences.

Elections:Elections are held in May during even-numbered years. The next election is scheduled for May 2018.